Introduction to The Dental Solutions,Inc.

The Dental Solution, Inc. has continuously been trying to make products that are second to none.
TDS'philosophy is to fulfill one's happiness through dentistry by providing empathy and coexistence with our clients.
As the current dental market grows more digitized, TDS has also been making every effort to convert into a purely dgital
endeavor. By going beyond dentistry and elevating the process into an art form, TDS is rapidly growing to become the
center of this new trend in the world market.

The Dentalsolution, Inc. Company Building


Hello Friends,

Today, as the world we are living in becomes more and more complicated, the world is becoming one global village.
Nowadays, communication has become so simple with anyone in the world with just the touch of a button on a mobile device. However, the quality and mannners of how to reach one another in this digital world is more important.
With quality comes our "Total Digital Service," a new service we created that has not existed beofore, From the scan to the final crown & bridge restoration process, everything is digital. The Digital Service also encompasses cosmetic dentistry and implants. By combining digital technology with reason, sensibility, and our soul, we are sure that this service will create a new wave in the market where there was no solution for a digital service that everyone wanted.

Korea is becoming one of the leading countries in electronics including mobile phones, steel production, ship-building, and communications by making some of the world's best products. We at The Dental Solution, Inc. are doing our contribution with our new Total Digital Service.

Thak you

CEO Dr.Daniel Cho,ND

Corporate Identity


The Dental Solution's logo, a combination of both Korea and America's flags, signifies the harmony of the two countries. By combining America's advanced management and both Korea's technology alongside our education infrastructure, the partnership is second to none. South Korea mandates that all technicians hold degress from specialized dental schools in order to work in the field, thus guaranteeing the skills and qualifications that our technicians hold. Anything done in the highest quality is referred to Five Stars, and that's exactly what the five stars in our logo means. We will do the best we can to offer the highest quality service.

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