One Of A Kind
ZIRPEEK® is manufactured to mimic natural bone and tissue and is the most lifelike hybrid available. PEEK, with its similarities to bone in strength, weight, and flexibility protects implants while being comfortable and reliable. Our proprietary zirconia formula means we have total control over color and opacity, and quality. Individually milled zirconia crowns are beautifully shaded, with a depth and translucency second only to natural teeth. Combining our zirconia with the bonelike properties of the PEEK substructure, delivers a lightweight, natural-looking restoration that feels like real teeth Masterfully, hand-painted resin produces lifelike, healthy tissue. Over two years of research we overcame the difficulties of bonding PEEK to zirconia to create ZIRPEEK®, a truly unique and ground-breaking product.



PEEK, a colorless organic thermoplastic polymer, is utilized for the substructure to ZIRPEEK® due to it’s favorable bio-medical applications. PEEK is used for bone and cartilage restoration in spinal, orthopedic, and maxillo-facial surgeries to name a few. Shock Absorbing The natural ‘give’ of PEEK acts as a shock absorber, with 85% of the forces produced by biting and chewing being absorbed and distributed. Compare that to an all-zirconia restoration which absorbs 0%, making for a comfortable and realistic experience for your patients. Most importantly, the flexibility of PEEK protects the implants by moving with the jaw. As with full zirconia prosthetics, they are hard and inflexible, pulling on the implants which may possibly contribute to implant failure down the line.

Zirpeek PEEK

Composite Resin

Resin is utilized for more lifelike gum tissue. Gum tissue color is crucial for the aesthetics of a restoration. Since everybody’s gums are multicolored, as we create the composite, we utilize three or four different colors with skilled hand coloring. Gum resin painting is the only aspect of ZIRPEEK® we craft with human touch because it varies so much aesthetically.
It’s also important the resin composite possesses strength. Most of the composite out there is more fragile, cracking easily. But we’ve developed a stronger resin, formulating it like rubber with more flexor strength. We continue to research, to push the envelope, because though our resin cracks much less than regular composites, we’re constantly working toward better and better materials.

Zirpeek resin


Three years ago, commonly available zirconia was too “high value” – too white (chalk white) with a high opacity. Our natural dentition is translucent, but not totally. There’s a balance. The proper translucence ration is 20-25%. Higher than that is too translucent, and all the lightness and darkness is absorbed into the material, meaning there would be no brightness within your mouth. Zirconia was too opaque, too bright, and didn’t look natural. We invented a process to increase translucency and strength, so not only is our proprietary zirconia formulation more lifelike and translucent than other restorations, but it’s stronger and less prone to breaking. Our zirconia formulation is superior to porcelain and ceramic products, and common zirconia monoliths. peek zirconia crowns PEEK substructure with zirconia crowns We make our own zirconia and PEEK blocks, so we have total quality control. We have confidence in ZIRPEEK®s process and materials, you will have confidence in restoring your patients with ZIRPEEK®, and your patients will have confidence from their very first bite

Zirpeek Zirconia